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Pelikan M800 (Old Style) - Xuan Wu

Detailed pen information:

  • Model: Pelikan M800 (Old Style) 
  • Xuan Wu
  • Limited Edition
  • 888 Pieces
  • Production: 2001
  • Nib: 18 ct gold
  • Logo: Logo (two chicken) on a metal disc
  • Barrel Color: gold
  • Cap Color: dark green
  • Trim: gold plated
  • Details:

    Xuan Wu is the fourth pen in the  Asia Limited Edition, the famous Pelikan series based on the great legends of China, with a worldwide edition of only 888 pieces.
    According to Chinese mythology, there are four auspicious celestial animals: dragon, bird, tiger and turtle. As highly revered deities they are also the zodiac signs for the four cardinal directions ..
    With Xuan Wu Pelikan shows the deity of the northern sphere, the element of water. According to its constellation, it resembles the mythical creature which is part snake and part turtle.
    Xuan Wu was hand made by respected artisans at Pelikan, incorporated in solid 925 sterling silver that is plated with 24-carat gold.


Weight Total Length Barrel Length Cap Length Diameter Ink Capacity
1.01 oz 5.55 in 4.13 in 2.64 in 0.51 in 1.35 ml
28.7 g 141 mm 105 mm 67 mm 13 mm