Pelikan model overview of the revised piston fillers

400 Basis

Pelikan 400, 500, 520, 600 and 700.

400N Basis

Pelikan 400N, 500N, 520N, 600N and 700N.

400NN Basis

Pelikan 400NN, 500NN, 520NN, 600NN and 700NN. As the production from Merz & Krell.


Pelikan 120.


Pelikan 140.


Pelikan 300 and Gimborn production.

P1 and other piston fillers

Pelikan P1, M10, M20, M21, M25, M30, M60, M100, M480, MK10, MK20, MK30, 120, Silvexa...

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