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Pelikan M800 (Old Style) - Kirin

Detailed pen information:

  • Model: Pelikan M800 (Old Style) 
  • Kirin
  • Limited Edition
  • 888 Pieces
  • Production: 2002
  • Nib: 18 ct gold
  • Logo: Logo (two chicken) on a metal disc
  • Barrel Color: gold
  • Cap Color: yellow
  • Trim: gold plated
  • Details:

    The Pelikan's Kirin is the 5th and the final piece of the entire Pelikan Asia LE, they started off with the Dynasty, Phoenix, White Tiger, Xuan Wu and at last the KIRIN. The Kirin is described as the mythical animal with a Dragon head, snout of a pig, horns of deer, back of a tiger, waist of a bear, with body covered with scales; exuding an aura of mysticism with power to ward of evil.


Weight Total Length Barrel Length Cap Length Diameter Ink Capacity
1.01 oz 5.55 in 4.13 in 2.64 in 0.51 in 1.35 ml
28.7 g 141 mm 105 mm 67 mm 13 mm